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We are a non-profit organization that offers education, music, dance and film experiences to talented teens and young adults by providing positive, professional expertise, training and performance opportunities in a supportive, creative environment.


No matter your level of experience, our programs are designed by highly skilled professionals to enhance your music, dance and film skills and performance abilities. Just bring your talent, passion, commitment and willingness to learn. We provide the rest!

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To participate, email contactus@iamformusic.org to arrange an orientation interview. Please include your full name, email address and area of interest (music, dance or film). 

Sponsor Partnership

We work with other non-profits, businesses and individuals to provide performance opportunities for program participants. Please email contactus@iamformusic.org if you are interested in sponsoring, supporting our programs, and/or partnering with us.

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All donations are greatly appreciated to help fund our arts and education programs. We are a 501(c)(3) tax deductible nonprofit organization.

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what we do

Your music performance dreams can become a reality

At iamformusic.org, talented teens and young adults are presented with the opportunity to learn about and participate in music, dance and film activities and events. Seasoned instructors will guide your creative development, helping you to gain professional experience and skills, including attending a recording studio session, rehearsing in a professional dance studio, helping to create a music video, and participating in a live performance.

Our Programs

Let your talent shine!


Learn about the education and training programs that we offer for music, dance, and film, then audition in person or online. Based on your audition, our professional instructors will determine the program that is best for you.


Professional training and coaching will be offered based on the level of your talent. Our goal is to give you the experience that you need to support your dreams, whether it be enhancing your skills, recording a song, filming a music video, participating in a live performance, and/or gaining a better understanding of the entertainment world.


Based on your talent, you will be given live performance opportunities at private and public events. You will also be able to network with other performers and professionals in the entertainment field.

Studio Access

You will have the experience of being in a professional, high class recording studio environment, such as:

  • 25th Street Recording (25thstreetrecording.com).
    25th Street Recording is a world-class music recording facility located in the San Francisco Bay Area. It features many specialized construction techniques that make it one of the quietest, best sounding studios in the world.
  • Decuir Music Group (decuirmusic.com
    David Decuir is a composer, producer, musician, and recording/mixing/mastering engineer with over forty years’ experience in the music industry. He has a full-service music production company located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

You will have the experience of dancing at professional rehearsal dance studios.

You will gain experience filming and photographing the musicians and dancers on location, including music video production.

Collaboration & Connection

Program participants will have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with respected professional affiliates and supporters of our music, dance and film programs.

featured talent


Ahmad Allen

Singer, Recording Artist, Performer, Instructor
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Jim Ballard

Dancer, Choreographer, Actor, Instructor
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Maritza Aquilar

Singer, Recording Artist
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Tracy Fuller

Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor
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our benefits


We have gathered the troups to help Ahmad and others become all they are capable of becoming.


Actor, Author, Producer

Enjoying the experience of real time education via my songs and celebrity collaborations! Looking forward to what’s to come and getting to share my gift to a lot more people!


Singer, Recording Artist

The projects and variables are on a level all their own. Providing direction  and operationally supporting the young artists have given me great pride and a sense of gratitude.


Chief Operating Officer

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