Union of Visionaries

International Conservatory for Mentoring and Uniting Students, Inc, I am for M.U.S.I.C. Youth Program, Mentoring + Uniting + Students + International + Conservatory. The conservatory will function as an incubator wherein performing arts, educational and technology programs will be designed and offered to young people to help nurture and cultivate their genius. We believe children are heirs of greatness; heirs of those who have been in the forefront of creativity and leadership such as the great music masters Coltrane, Miles Davis and Hendrix, or great photo journalists such as Gordon Parks, Sam Nzima and Annie Liebowitz whom all captured historical world-class moments in time. The conservatory can and will transform lives and shape the vernacular of young people particularly the poor and marginalized sector. Our mission is Mentoring and Uniting Students within an International Conservatory located in the heart of Oakland, California. It is of note, that one study out of the University of California at Los Angeles found that students who reported consistent high-levels of involvement in instrumental music over the middle and high school years showed significantly higher levels of proficiency in math than their counterparts. The findings were consistent across socioeconomic status. Students score higher on standardized tests in English and math. They also have better study skills and demonstrate better executive functioning skills like determination and focus. At any given time in San Francisco or Oakland, a Yo-Yo Ma or Carlos Santana sits in 8th grade or 10th with untapped talent. The net must be cast wide to capture all of the hidden gems or talent out there. A child prodigy can be cultivated through all facets of our programs including the performing and visual arts, literacy + language, multi-media, technology and engineering coupled with the enhancement of uniting young people with like-minded peers and bridging the gap of cultural awareness on the global stage. Education and technology are core pillars upon which we stand. Educating young people with the use of new technology will help manifest their greatness. The world is ever evolving and young people need mentors more than ever. The conservatory will engage youth in imagining and creating new worlds. Rooted in established principles of youth development and community engagement as well as best practices in the arts and culture field, I Am M.U.S.I.C. Youth Program welcomes parents of young people ages 12 to 17 to apply. Founded by Jerome Picot, a lifelong resident of the greater Oakland community, honorable business leader and longstanding youth advocate for the region, the conservatory will become a trusted collaborator among diverse community partners and corporate sponsors.

Bill Norwood

A revolution in resolution. Professional musicians taking part in resolving scenarios that have been stumbling blocks in the past. Life Coaches such as Bill Norwood Professional Musician and Music Producer is utilizing his past experience to help facilitate a brighter and healthy journey for our teens and young adults. Being in big bands since 1973, Mr Norwood made a mark in the R&B, Funk, Soul, and also Jazz genres. Within 4 yrs. with the Self Expression Band, won the Bay Area Battle of the Bands. performing with The Mystic Knights, Brothers Owens, Bill went on to performing with well established artists like Marlena Shaw, Lenny Williams, The Gospel Hummingbirds. Also prominent Bay Area locals such as Robert Stewart, Terri Odabi, and a host of others. Bill also has taught drums at the Oakland School for the Arts as well as having private students. Currently working as one of the lead male vocalists for the "K.B.'S Drifters Experience, he carries the "Drifters" torch high. As a lead musician and host, for TIBC.TV, working with CEO Jerome Picot, the goal has now accelerated to working with the next generation of young talented performers. Firmly acknowledging that God is the foundation! .

Gregory J. Gordon

Meeting the challenges of assisting a new generation. An educator of the true school system and a master in his craft of music song writing, performing and a scholar in business education. We are truly fortunate to have Greg Gordon on our board as a professional team member and supporter of the Arts.In the world of music, Greg Gordon's passion includes live performance, DJing, voice acting and directing, singing, songwriting, music production, mixing and engineering. His music production credits include working with many notable recording artists including Rob Garza (Thievery Corporation), Giorgio Moroder, K Theory, The Bronx, Cheap Time, Meat Market, Merl Saunders & Jerry Garcia, and Rocker-T & Joan Baez. He is a 25 year voting member of The Recording Academy (The Grammys) where he has served as both a Governor and Trustee for the Board Of Directors. Greg is also the Founder, CEO and creative director of Pyramind Inc. (, a creative music and audio services company, music production school and online learning network located in San Francisco where he leads a staff of over thirty trainers and producers, with one hundred mentors and growing. Pyramind's studio services provide sound design, music and post-production for some of the biggest names in interactive entertainment, including HTC Vive, Microsoft, Insomniac Games, Ubisoft, Disney, Blizzard and Zynga. Clients also include high-profile tech companies like Samsung, HP, Nvidia, Brandcast and GoPro. As an educator and facilitator Greg has conducted panels and lectures at SXSW, The SF Music Tech Conference, AES Conference, The Academy of Art, SFSU, and GRAMMY Sound tables. He holds a multi-disciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree from San Francisco State University in Music, Business and Broadcasting.

Kelli O'Neill

Emerging teens leading by example via learning, assisting in building a sustainable performance platform and a willingness to allow for master educators to assist them in their chosen field of interest. Here is a Testimonial of teen Ambassador Kelli O'Neill. Imagine being a kid with dreams of becoming an internationally known singer. Imagine being in a family that doesn't have the contacts to make it in the business. Imagine constantly trying to do the best you can but being shut down and rejected and being told you weren't good enough at the only thing you love. In many respects, I was that kid. I was a little girl who loved to sing and act and be on stage in front of anybody who would let me perform. Four months before getting involved with IAMFORMUSIC, I didn't make it into my high school musical. I was absolutely devastated. I just didn't understand why I, a person who's only love is to sing and act, couldn't make it into a production. I began to better my abilities by singing as often as I could, and doing my best to get involved with anything that would let me sing and act. Then I joined this project. From the beginning, I felt a strong sense of encouragement from the people who worked on the music and helped the creativity flow in the studio. I began to grow as a person and as an artist. I remember the first time I walked into the studio. I was in utter awe and bewilderment. I remember being so nervous of messing up. That day was also the first time I recorded and stacked my vocals on a real music track. Soon, I was practicing at Sound Waves Studios in Oakland, bands like Metallica, Green Day, and Tesla all rehearsed there before making it big. It was intimidating, exciting, and emotional being there. I got to feel what those bands were creating; the magic of the space was impactful and made me realize how lucky I was to be there. Since then, I've recorded three songs, done a show case, gone to a movie premier and got to ask questions to the actors, and performed at the MA PAC in June of 2019. This experience has been eye-opening to me. I've got to see what it was like to put on the show, the work that it takes to record a song, plus got to build and better myself as a person and artist. Two years ago I had no songs, no experience in the studio, and no live performances of original music. Now I do. I honestly never thought that at the age of 16, I would be able to do all of these things. IAMFORMUSIC has changed my life and brought me even closer to the music industry. It started a fire, love, and creativity in the realm of music. And, it's given me experiences that I'll never forget!

Madison Hall

We are proud to have such a wonderful group of aspiring teens emerging into independents via creating sustainable programs for music artist such as Madison Hall. Singing has been my passion since I could talk! My first performance was at a wedding when I was seven. I loved the feeling of accomplishment and the reaction I received from the audience. My passion to be on stage was endless! I wrote and recorded my first song when I was 13. For the past two years I have had the distinct privilege of learning and working with Professionals and as Ambassador for the IAMFORMUSIC.Org Nonprofit many more opportunities are coming into fruition. I have spent hours in the studio, recording songs, performing live and reaching limits I never thought were possible. As one of the volunteered supporting Ambassadors of the IAMFORMUSIC.ORG Nonprofit I have learned to love all different genres and soul music. TBIC.TV support of the IAMFORMUSIC.Org nonprofit has given me the confidence to sing on stage to hundreds of people! My dreams to receive an Oscar will one day be a reality thanks to the IAMFORMUSIC.ORG Nonprofit, Jerome Picot and his team of professionals!

Ellida Meling

"Ellida comes from a very musically talented family in Norway, that has a broad background ranging from opera, church music to pop. Her dad was set on becoming a famous guitarist but decided on theology instead and became a priest. That made it possible for Ellida then to actually be born in the city of Angels, since her parents have been working for the Norwegian church both in Los Angeles and San Francisco. From a very young age her parents could hear Ellida singing opera aries sometimes overshadowing the Disney princesses she was watching on DVD. But not a sound would come out if you asked her to sing! Luckily she discovered her true passion for performing for an audience when she was 10 and started doing various musicals for children in San Francisco. At the age of 11 she started writing her own music, and started her own girl band, performing at Open Mics and Farmers Market. She recorded in a studio when she was 12, and even had an hour on live radio where she performed all her own songs. At 13 she got to know Jerome Picot and her dreams of becoming a professional turned into an actual possibility. Some amazing time was spent in the studio, where really beautiful music has been made, then adding to some great experience on stage, music videos and more! What a journey to embark on!  It has all been made possible by Iamformusic and their professional team. We are truly looking forward for all the endless possibilities waiting to happen with Jerome Picot and his team members working their magic!"

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